Cave & Mine Instructor
Pete Knight
I am a professional freelance instructor, operating all around the UK with some of the top outdoor education and adventure providers. I also run a small, multi activity outdoor brand based in the Peak District which is staffed by myself and a selection of hand picked associates.
I currently hold the following volunteer positions in my spare time:
Chairman of the Darkside Caving & Mining Club
Chairman of the Peak Instructed Caving Affiliation (PICA)
Projects Officer for the Derbyshire Caving Association
The Association of Caving Instructors member
Team member of the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation
Recent work and sporting exploits are usually shared though these outlets...
Contact by email                 links: Peak Instruction - Pete’s Blog - ACI
Pete Knight, CIC
Holder of the Cave Instructor Certificate including the Mines Endorsement. Registration I447, certificate 116.
Trainer/Assessor for the LCMLA scheme.
Qualified to work in any cave or inspected mine within the United Kingdom.
Freelance multi-discipline instructor and underground specialist.
Providing skills training, course direction, group leadership, novice sessions and technical advice to the public and the outdoor industry. Anchor bolt installation and testing.
I am a member of the North Wales panel of Trainer/Assessors and can deliver all aspects of the LCMLA scheme. There will be regular ‘public’ training courses advertised but most courses and all assessments will be run on demand. Please get in touch if you would like to join a course or arrange your own training or assessment.

I can run the following courses:
Level 1 Mine Leader Training (2 day)
Level 1 Cave Leader Training (2 day)
Level 1 Cave & Mine Leader Training (3 day)
Cave to Mine or Mine to Cave Transfer Training (1 day)
Level 2 Training (2-3 days)
Additional SRT Training for those who did not do it under the ‘old’ L2 training (1 day)

Level 1 - Module 1 (Core Skills) Assessment
Level 1 - Module 2 (Group Day) Assessment - NORTH WALES REGION ONLY
Level 2 - Module 3 (Vertical Core Skills) Assessment
Level 2 - Module 4 (Group Vertical Day) Assessment - NORTH WALES REGION ONLY
Level 2 - Module 5 (SRT for Leader) bolt on to L2 (can be done as part of Mod 3)
Non level specific:
Module 6 - Cave to Mine or Mine to Cave transfer assessments
Local Knowledge Assessment - to add additional sites for the North Wales region to existing LCMLA certificates

Before booking any LCMLA course, please visit the BCA Training website for registration and information on pre-requisites for courses. Other information and resources for LCMLA courses can be found on the LCMLA pages on this website or over at my blog. Feel free to drop me an email to ask any questions or discuss your needs.